Mayme Loyd

Mayme Loyd

Head Coach

2016 CrossFit Open (16-17 Girls): 40th in the world
Snatch: 130 lbs
Jackie: 7:08


CrossFit Level 1 certification

About Mayme

I have been doing CrossFit for about 5 years now and not only has it become an important part of my life, but also one of my biggest passions. CrossFit has taught me so much about setting goals and pushing myself to achieve them. It is a sport that requires discipline, mental toughness, and tenacity. It reminds me every day to be thankful for our capabilities so that we can workout and be fit together.

Athletic Background

I wasn’t super active as a kid, but I played volleyball and spent most of my days outside playing with my brothers. I was the last one in my family to jump on the CrossFit bandwagon when I was 13. I mainly used it as conditioning for volleyball, but the more I did it the more I fell in the love with the sport. I liked the individuality of the sport. So far one of my greatest accomplishment would be, placing 40th in the world in the 2016 CrossFit Open, in the 16-17 Teenage Girl division. As a competitive athlete, I’m hoping to be able to tack a few more things on my list in the future.

Turning Point

Once I got to high school was when I really decided that I wanted to be a competitive athlete. So I started devoting more of my time and changing my lifestyle to become a better athlete. I started training harder, eating cleaner, and focusing on being more positive in the gym. It has made a really big impact on myself as an athlete, but also the people I share the gym with on the daily.


My passion for coaching stems from my passion for fitness. I believe that everyone is their happiest at their fittest and healthiest. My goal is to make going to the gym the best part of your day and not something you dread, but something you look forward to.


I think my biggest weakness on my fitness journey so far would be that I am constantly comparing myself to others, regardless of their age or experience. Sometimes I have to take a step back and remember that the goal is to make myself better every day. Not to beat someone else or lift more weight than them, but to lift more weight than I did yesterday and to be the best athlete I can be. I keep myself motivated by focusing on my abilities as an athlete and working to improve them every day.

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