Peter Rudd

Peter Rudd


Grace: 1:26

Squat: 475

Clean and Jerk: 350

Karen: 5:53


CrossFit Level 1

Coach High School Volleyball 6 years

About Peter Rudd

I am a Cali boy and moved here in 2005 to marry my best friend. I have been married to my wife of 11 year and we have been together 15. Lizzy Rudd runs the Bar Method here in KC and is the hardest working woman I know. We were best friends first then I got her to break up with her boyfriend because I knew she was the one. We have two amazing kids. Trace 9 my son who is a kind soul and a hard working soccer player. My daughter Reagan (Rea Rea)7 is a powerhouse gymnast and my ball of fire and energy. We are a active family and we can’t just sit still. My family is my life and they always come first

Athletic Background

High School Athlete Football and Volleyball player. Made varsity volleyball as a sophomore and qualified for the Jr Nationals with my club team and we took 8th. I came back and quit football and only played volleyball. I was short 5’10” when I graduated high school but has a 42″vertical and a 80 mph jump serve. The big colleges didn’t want me so I stayed and played volleyball at Fresno State. (I grew 4″ in my freshman year of college) my Dad says I should have stuck to football…

Turning Point

Started CrossFit 5 years ago! My loving wife Liz signed me up for a 2 week session. We have two kids and I was cranky, exhausted, and I had a snore that would shake a room. I was in the worst shape of my life and I didn’t want to admit it. I walked in to the first day with a chip on my shoulder and my guard up but wanting to get healthy so that I could play with my kids as they got older. One session with my now friend Jesse Rosser and I was hooked me. My first wod was picked from a deck of cards. 8 min Amrap 6 Goblet squats, 7 Burpees and 10 Russian KB Swings 10k. I made it through 7 rounds laid there face down on the rubber mat thinking don’t puke in front of this guy. He helped me up we stretched and told me I can come back tomorrow for deadlifts. The next day I was there sore ready to show my strength. I deadlifted 225 and couldn’t do a pull up and I was totally embarrassed. Jesse could tell and told me just show up and do what you can it never gets easier but you’re going to see and feel the change. I showed up everyday for the two weeks then signed up for the unlimited month to month. We had a goal setting session and I set small goals and my main goal was to be able to run with my son when he wanted to learn to ride his bike. That hot day in August my son Trace wanted to learn to ride his bike. We worked for 3-4 hours running and riding up and down the street. He rode on his own all happy and I stood there and cried. (choked up now thinking of it) I achieved my goal and I was in a better place for my family to be able to participate in their lives. I then got Certified and coached for 4 years at that gym. As I grew with the methodology of CrossFit and experiences with training I made the hard decision to find a new gym. I came to 913 because of the coaching and training methods I experienced with them during open workout when I stopped in for lessons on Bar Muscle Ups. The community here is amazing and I am beyond excited to Coach here with this CrossFit Family.


Working with people looking to change their lives. Just talking and helping someone learn something new is the best feeling in the world. From CrossFit to volleyball I love coaching and working with athletes.


I was 11 years old and my Papa dropped off a load of wood for my family. Not just a few logs to burn for winter in California but like enough wood to survive the coldest nights in Alaska. He came in and said let’s go Petey Petey!!! Today you will learn what hard work is boy.

I walked out so angry because I didn’t want to do this all day. It was a 15′ trailer with 6′ walls and at ruck bed filled with wood. I had my wheelbarrow and he just starts tossing logs at me. I would walk them back and dump them then go back and get more. Papa kept telling me to Hurry Up! Work harder! Quit being lazy! I dumped a load and stood there angry. He came around the corner just started yelling. You just tossing this here like this you better stack it and stack it fast. I didn’t move any faster. He yells you want to be lazy! get your ass inside! I looked him in the eye shrugged my shoulders and went inside. My mom came in asked what I was doing. I explained Papa told me to come inside…. she snatched me up and took me back out. There Papa and I sat and he gave me the long lasting advice.

” Petey you have to always work hard in everything you do. Don’t let anyone try and out work you, always give it your all and do things right. Got it? Good get you ass moving.” He then gave me two hours to stack all the wood. I didn’t finish but I worked harder than I ever did. That moment hits me every time we finish burpees or an open work out where I just do terrible.

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